What we do

Helping Startups

Creating MVPs, planning development and growth strategies, preparing for investment rounds.

Creating Products

Building products driven by your ideas, transforming single sentences into full-fledged concepts.

Consulting Investors

Preparing the decision-making basis through multi-context reports and leveraging investment risks.
How we do it


Applying technology to business goals with our proprietary process that’s ready for virtually any requirement changes during development.


Transforming our knowledge into your experience. Empowering you to make informed decisions by simplifying complicated technology topics.


Performing business-analysis to create solutions driven by end-user needs. Applying engineering best practices to outperform the competition.
  • ~1500 requests processed by our in-house AI daily
  • 200+ projects completed
  • 18 years in the IT-business
  • 300+ companies and startups consulted
  • 26 areas of expertise in the team
  • 21 team members
  • Partners from 18 countries

Business Process

Our business process is product-centered.

We believe that outstanding solutions begin with engineering product design, and continue with meticulous development. The quality engineered during the development process minimizes post-production QA.

After the product has been launched on the market we support it with updates, create relevant marketing tools, and develop and implement solutions to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the market.

1. Identifying business requirements
Writing down every single detail of your idea and business requirements. Focusing on your expectations and identifying user problems and needs.

2. Compiling associated contexts
Creating a list of contexts associated with the idea within the market. This will allow to validate the idea during the next steps and creates a solid base for elaborating the concept.

3. Transforming the idea into a concept
Elaborating the idea within the listed contexts. This creates a valid concept that is proven to withstand the requirements of the market and allows our IT consultants to create a complete, viable, and optimal solution aligned with your business needs.

4. Engineering Product Design
Visualizing every interface of the product. This creates a tangible understanding of the final look and functionality. All interfaces are created with the related contexts in mind to keep the concept in line with real user and market needs.
5. Building the product
All participants have a complete understanding of the product at all times. This ensures the product is delivered in full and on time, even when requirements change along the way.
6. Market launch
Finalizing the product and launching on schedule. At this stage real user and market feedback starts coming in: owing to the engineering product design process all requirement changes can be implemented without technical limitations or costly refactoring.

7. Post-launch support
We offer lifetime support to all your business departments in the form of IT solutions. This ensures long-term value of the created product, transforming it into an essential technological business asset.

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Cannot recommend enough, understood the scope of the project very quickly and coherently, very professional approach from the start and adhered to the schedule perfectly. Work is of the utmost quality.

Olly Lomax,
DealSlip Auction Website

This company is probably the best I have worked with. The communication is excellent and everything is delivered as promised and on time.

Bill Fiore,
Distributor Corporation of New England Corporate Website

Very good service and very responsive (regular updates, fast execution, replied to emails almost 24/24). Did not just code the specification, but helped improve it.

Christian Terwiesch,
MyObserver iPhone App