About Us
  • 21 team members
  • 200+ projects completed
  • 21 years in the IT-business
  • Partners from 18 countries
  • 26 areas of expertise in the team
  • 300+ companies and startups consulted
  • ~1500 requests processed by our in-house AI daily

Our areas of expertise and cases

Fin-Tech / Banking

AI document processing and decision assistance.

E-Commerce / Ad-Tech

Reduction of cost / sales relation from 10% to 6,5%.


Sophisticated juridical documents created by the lawyers in minutes.

Tax advisors

Document exchange and automation of the business processes.

Mar-Tech / Sales-Tech

Automatic leads-validation and generated customized marketing-funnel communication.

Real AI

Not based on neural networks.

IT and psychology

Interdisciplinary approach that ensures product success.

Demystifying IT ;)

Explaining everything around IT in normal human language.

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Phone: +49 221 169 314 59

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